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Tips for Hiring a Cobbler

The economic situations of things have forced many people to repair their shoes rather than buying new ones. So, many people may not know what to look for when they are hiring the services of a cobbler owing to the fact that such services were not common before except in the beginning of 20th century. There are certain tips that you should apply in order to get a good cobbler to work on your shoes.

Look at the Environment

When you eventually find a cobbler shop, the first thing that you should on check is the shop of the cobbler. Take a look at the shop to see how organize the cobbler is. Cobblers work with shoemaking tools. So, a good cobbler should enough working tools. If the cobbler does not have enough tools, he may not be able to give your shoe a new look. There are some cobbler’s works that must be done with machines. Without the machines, the cobbler will not do a nice work.

What Material the Cobbler will Use

If you are satisfied with the working environment of the cobbler, the next thing you have to do is to know the type of material the cobbler will be using. Shoes are made with different kinds of materials. There are some shoes that are made with quality leather and others that are made with plastic materials. Even those that are made with leather are not fabricated with the same quality of leather. So, it is necessary that the cobbler works on your shoe with quality material that is of the same quality with the one the shoe comes with.

If your shoe is made of leather for example, the type of leather that cobbler should use for repairing the shoe should be of the same quality with the leather that your shoe have. However, it is not every shoe repair services that will require the cobbler to use a new material on the shoe.  So, this tip applies if you are changing a part of your shoe. What is necessary here is for the cobbler to give your shoe a new shape using the best of shoe repairing materials like gums.


The experience of the cobbler also matters a lot. If you hire a cobbler that has experience or that is reliable, definitely, your shoes will be properly done. The reverse will be the case if you hire an inexperience cobbler. The best way to find out this is to check the shoes he has previously worked on. In the shop of a good cobbler, you will find some shoes that have been repaired and their owners have not collected them. Check the shoes and if they are properly repaired then you can hand your shoe to the cobbler.


As it has been said above, many people are now repairing their worn out shoes rather than buying new ones because it is less expensive than buying new ones. So, in order to achieve this aim, you need to ensure that the cobbler’s fee is not high. You can make use of the internet to find the best and affordable service.