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Popular Shoe Repair Jobs

There is no man-made item that is everlasting. They normally wear out due to usage. The more you are using new products you bought, the more the product is losing its quality, beauty and reliability. Footwear can wear out also. For example, if you have a good pair of leather shoes, it can be used for several years on many heels and soles in so far as you are maintaining the shoe regularly. This will definitely save you some money. Buying a quality pair of shoes today is very expensive. But it will not cost you much to repair your worn out shoe. Cobblers today are highly experienced and they can remake your shoes so that they will look anew again.

Cobblers nowadays do not offer only one service. There are a number of shoe repair services that they can do for you. Here are some of shoe repair services that they can do.


Heels are important parts of shoes. Just as you need your natural heel in order walk very well and to retain your posture and to be elevated when you are walking, so do you need the sole of your shoes to walk comfortable. If the sole of your shoe is worn out, you will not feel comfortable walking with the shoes. Besides, worn out heels will make your shoes to lose their beauty. This will also affect your attire. Unfortunately, the heel is almost the first part of the shoe to wear out as you are using your shoe. It is the heel that bears your weight and receives the shock from the ground. This is why other parts of the shoes will still be in good shape while the heel is already damaged.

If the heel of your shoe is worn out and the other parts of your shoes are still in good in shape, you can still work on the heel and reshape so that it will look good again. Cobblers can help you in this regard. There are now replacements heels in the market. You will find leather heels as well as rubber heels in the market. But a good number of them are made from rubber. You can also reduce the wear on your heel by putting plastic taps at the back.


The lifts of your shoe is a piece that is located at the base of the heel of the footwear that comes with high heels. Just like the heels, the lifts also wear out easily. There are also replacement lifts in the market most of which are nylon.


With usage, the sole of a shoe will begin to develop holes. The sole will also become softer than it should be. When this happens to your sole, it is time to replace it. You will find cobblers that will do it for you. There are full replacement soles as well as half ones. Full one is more costly.

Dying, Polishing, Patching, Etc.

Cobblers today can do numerous jobs such as polishing of shoes, dyeing of shoes, patching, re-crafting, replacement straps, adjusting the fit and others.